Project 1. All By Myself

Inspired by a friend’s divorce, in this series, I used three sets of six images to tell the story of being single through dinners for one.

These six photos below are the second set of six, the Routine, where the single person now starts finding peace in daily life again and starts getting used to the single life. It's the process of starting to feel okay being alone.

Full series can be seen here.

Project 2. The Racist Dictionary of America

In this still life series, I photographed every day items that are also used as ethnic slurs in America.

Based on my own immigration experiences in 90’s America, when “melting pot” was the central immigration strategy. Immigrations were pushed to assimilate into the mainstream American society as much and as quickly as possible.

By conforming to the mainstream American culture, many immigrants suffer from identity loss and disconnections from their original cultures. Worse, they are criticized as whitewashed and suffered discrimination from people of their own culture.

I want to use this still life series to highlight the insidiousness of discrimination and distortion of identities hiding in plain sight.

Full series can be seen here.

Project 3. Gone

This project is a work in progress. I want to document the aftermath of a family member’s sudden passing. In my previous work as a home stager, I dealt with a lot of families who were selling the home because of an elderly parent’s passing. The parent(s) had lived in the home for decades and the siblings had different ways to deal with the emotions. Some were aggressive in selling the home to get the money for their own lives. Some were difficult and resisted change.

Grief is something that’s universal yet a very individualized experience. We all dealt with it differently. I wanted to expressed the conflict through space and objects.