New Work: Flower Drawings

As a fun side project, I’m taking a theater set design class, designing the set for a one-act play written by Anton Chekhov. One of the creative exercises assigned was to take five random words from the play and create something artistic with it. The interpretation doesn’t have to relate to the play. My five keywords were: boy, her, dear, nerves and tail.

I had the idea of doing something with flowers since sketching and painting are not my strong suits. I used some foliage and leftover cuttings from a flower arrangement to do my flower drawings. The process was fairly straight forward. I sketched my concepts out first and then on large sheets of printer paper. Then I started arranging flower bits and pieces on my paper.

This is also an incredibly simple DIY project. You can do this with your kids, by yourself or with a group of friends. You can collect flowers and foliage from your garden, or buy some cheap flowers at the grocery store. Have a stack of blank white paper, some pencils, crayons, paints, etc. and you’re good to go!

Here’s “Boy,” an interpretation of the main character in the play, who’s a bit of a nervous wreck.

Cindy Lin Flower Drawings

Here’s “Her.”

Cindy Lin Flower Drawing

My favorite: “Tail”

Cindy Lin Flower Drawing / Squirrel


Cindy Lin Flower Drawing | Deer

“Nerves” I, II & III

I remember when I took a workshop from a stylist once, and she gave us all these creative exercises to start the workshop to get our creative "muscles" some warming up. Flower drawing’s a great exercise on playing with textures, shapes, colors, scale and editing. All you need are some scrap paper, pencil (or paint if you'd like) and a little bit flowers that you can collect from your own garden (or like what I did, from the trash can!).

Try it, you’ll be hooked!